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Samtrafiken is a public company, owned by 36 shareholders. Our mission is to tie Sweden public transportation together. The biggest group of owners is the 21 public transportation authorities (PTA) in Sweden. The 15 other owners are railway, bus, and boat companies running traffic on behalf of the PTAs. In addition to the owners Samtrafiken, has agreed a partnership with about 15 traffic companies running public transportation.
All of the above mentioned PTAs and companies cooperate in the national ticket system known as “Resplus”. A Resplus-ticket is a door-to-door ticket that covers a variety of journeys across different companies and means of transport. For the time being only flights are excluded from the Resplus-cooperation.

Samtrafiken is a business to business company that supports coordination of all public transportation in Sweden through cooperation between players on the public transportation market.
Samtrafikens main activities are to enhance cooperation regarding timetables, ticketing, information about planned traffic, real time information about disturbances, based on collection and coordination of traffic data. Samtrafiken is the best collaboration place in Sweden. We contribute to the sustainable development of society by cooperation to increase the industry's efficiency, profitability and future growth.